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Gay marriage agency prince charming terms of serviceHow do I become a member of Ukrainian Gay Marriage Agency «Prince Charming»?

— It's very fast and easy to do. Please go to the profile pages of our young and handsome gay boys and contact them via "free introduction letter" option - every boy's profile page has form to contact him for you! After we receive your introduction message we let you know how to send photos for your boy and the reply of boy will be sent to you. In case the gay boy wants to continua acquaintace with you, you will be able to use the services of Ukrainian Gay Marriage Agency «Prince Charming» on regular basis.

How to contact gay boys from your site?

— The first step is writing him a letter for free.

Where do I send and receive my e-mails?

— Please remember we do not provide the inner mail boxes on our site. Use our catalog for sending the first introduction letter to your boy for free. All the rest of correspondence will go through personal mail boxes of yours and our gay marriage agency.

I want to write to a gay boy. How do I know that the boy is still available?

— All Ukrainian gay boys in the catalog are available and ready for new friendship. If some gay boy already has his special man and corresponds with him only, we remove his profile from catalog. If a gay boy is listed with us, you can freely start corresponding with him.

Do you allow direct contact information's exchange in the letters?

— You can exchange the contact information with a gay boy only at the personal meeting via Ukrainian Gay Marriage Agency «Prince Charming». Unfortunately we dad to activate this rule because many Western men have sent out mass mails only to get the private information about our gay boys and get them taking out of our agency in order to avoid payment agency fees.

We here invest LOTS of our time, nerves and money to find the serious gay boys for Gay Marriage Agency «Prince Charming», rent an office in city center, pay for boys' visits of our office if they live outside of Chernihiv, make interviews, etc.

This is not an easy work and if someone wishes to get free home addresses and personal phone numbers of our gay boys, they are welcome to do this on the free dating websites with non-checked profiles, where they take any gay boys from the Internet.

Gay Marriage Agency «Prince Charming» is the place only for serious and family oriented gay people. And if you wish to get a decent young gay boy from Ukraine for life, please come here and we will help you like we helped many Western gay men before you.

We are 100 percent open with you. And hope you will also be and won't be breaking this rule. This is better for your results as the contacts exchange itself is not what you need, but it's a good gay boy for your life.

Thank you for understanding!

What if I include my personal contact information in my letter before I get the gay boy's contacts?

— We regret, but we will delete that information from your letter, but for all that the remaining text will stay intact.

What if a gay boy, who I wrote a letter to, doesn't want to have correspondence with me?

— Only in our gay marriage agency you have a wonderful opportunity to try contact any gay boy without any risk to loose your payment. If for some reason gay boy declines your letters, you will get your payment back and can try again with some other boys. You will never spend your money in vain!

How do the gay boys get the mail from me? Does a representative phone them, mail a copy or how?

— Our office manager constantly checks the coming of new letters and as soon as any gay boy has a new message from Western admirer, the office manager calls him over the phone and notifies about the new mail. Gay boy needs to come to the agency bureau in order to collect the printed-out translation.

How quickly do emails go to gay boys and how quickly do most boys give responses?

— It can vary, but if the boy lives in Chernihiv it usually takes two-three days only for you to get a response. The gay boys are highly interested in correspondence/relocation and they always find time to reply as to find a life partner is very important to them.

Am I charged for a letter from a gay boy?

— You are not charged for that. If it's the first gay boy's letter to you, it's free to read.

I would like to know if there is a limit of characters allowed while emailing a gay boy?

— There is a limit of 3000 characters per one letter. It's more then completely filled out A4 page.

I am not a great letter writer; will I have trouble writing to a lot of gay boys?

— Writing letters is not difficult. Just relax and write about what you like in life and ask questions to the gay boy concerning his life and plans for the future etc. You will like the correspondence process, it's really exciting.

What if the gay boy I like does not speak English well?

— Our translators will help him with everything until he learns enough English to communicate with you directly. To help him, we provide good English classes you can order.